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Re: Reasons for downvoting

by chromatic (Archbishop)
on May 29, 2001 at 20:34 UTC ( #83993=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Reasons for downvoting

I downvote abusive posts. There have been less than 10 this year that I saw.

I don't downvote posts with bad information. I reply or send a /msg to the author.

I don't upvote very much either, generally posts from newer users that answer a question well or provide an alternate approach worth considering.

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Re(2): Reasons for downvoting
by yakko (Friar) on May 30, 2001 at 11:11 UTC
    I don't downvote posts with bad information. I reply or send a /msg to the author.

    I think this is an excellent way to go, because it gives the author the chance to correct the information (certain types of root nodes notwithstanding). For me, anyway, chances are more likely than not that I've found the "reply" link while short a few days of sleep, or something. I appreciate being given the opportunity to correct such nodes.

    Me spell chucker work grate. Knead grandma chicken.

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