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by marcink (Monk)
on Jun 17, 2001 at 07:04 UTC ( [id://89125]=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

It seems like writing obfus is an important step on one's way to become a perl monk. So be it, on my quest to educate everyone about the importance of using strict I present you my first (deliberately) obfuscated code.

Update: added READMORE tag -- the code looks even more ugly when wrapped at less than 73 columns. Can't let that happen at The Monastery Gates, right? ;-)

#!/usr/bin/perl -w # always use strict; # or die $/ =' Ju ac an Ju st ck er ha ck her %p erl % hac ker % Just %an ot her %pe rl%h t% an o the r% pe r l%h ac ke r%Ju st %a no th ck er % J u s t % an other%p er l % ha Ju st %a n ot he r% p er l%h ac ke r% Ju Ju st %an o t her %p er l% ha c ke ck er %Jus t% a noth er %p er l% ha Ju st %anot he r %perl %h ac ke r% Ju ac ke r%Jus t%anothe r%per l% ha ck er %J Ju st %anothe r%per l% ha ck er %J th er %perl %ha ck er %J us t% an ot he r% pe rl %h ac ke r% Ju st %a no th e r% pe rl %h ac ke r %J us t%a no t h er % pe r l% ha c ke + r r%Just%another %perl %hacker %Ju st%a noth er%pe rl +% J ust%a no t he r% p erl% hack e r +'; $,='($\=$/)=~s,.*\n([^\n]+)\n[^\n]+$,$1,gsx;$\ +=~ y$ $$d;$\=@@($\,@($\,"J"),@($\,"J",1+@($\,"J"))-@($\,"J"))x +3; $,=@@@"", @@@@@ { y, ,,d; @@@@(@($\,$_)+@($\,"n")*@($\,"%") *@($\,"%"))}@@@@@@ m.\S.,split"\n",$/;$,=~s a`a$_a for split"","US.I\'TL!";$,=~s.[A-Z]. $&.g;$\=""; print"","\n";';$.="@"x6; $,=~s, $.,$.=~s$@$$;$_,egx for qw,grep map chr join substr index,; eval $, ;


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