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Guide to PerlMonks Acronyms and Abbreviations

by SiteDocClan (Initiate)
on Jun 19, 2001 at 05:30 UTC ( [id://89535]=sitefaqlet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

What does SoPW mean?

A Guide to PerlMonks Acronyms and Abbreviations

If you've seen an acronym/abbreviation on PerlMonks and you don't know the meaning of it, see if you can find it here.

This... is short for... and means:
oO( ) thought bubble Thinking a thought, as in cartoons
AM Anonymous Monk The guest user: The effective user ID of someone who is not logged in.
CB Chatterbox The IRC-like interface to the right of your screen. See What is the Chatterbox? for more information.
CUFP Cool Uses for Perl Where you post what you think is a... cool use for Perl.
FP Front Page The Front Page of the Monastery. Also a verb, "to Front Page" a node. See What is moderation? for an explanation.
FPC Full Page Chat The full-page web-based chatterbox client.
HAZNAV Hazard to Navigation Said of very poor node titles. See tye's explanation, and the FAQlet.
Hash of Hashes
Hash of Arrays
Array of Arrays
Array of Hashes
List of Lists
Two-level data structures common in Perl. See Data Structures Cookbook.
(Note that "List of Lists" technically inaccurate (impossible) but is seen in some older Perl documentation. You should do a mental translation of LoL -> AoA in nearly all cases.)
JAPH Just another Perl hacker, An obfuscated script that displays "Just another Perl hacker," usually short enough to be used a signature. (Less frequently used to denote any obfuscated script.)
/me, /msg, etc. Chatterbox commands CB commands only work when typed into a cb message box, at the very beginning of the line. Anywhere else, and they show up in the cb stream. Chatters often use this effect intentionally.
NN Newest Nodes Displays a list of recently created postings grouped by section and type.
NtC Nodes To Consider See What is consideration?
OP Original Post The top level node of the thread in which it appears.
OP Original Poster The author of the top level node of the thread in which it appears.
OT Off-Topic The post does not fit into the topic of the section in which it has been posted.
PM PerlMonks "A place for individuals to polish, improve, and showcase their Perl skills." -- vroom
(The website that you are currently visiting.)
PMCB PerlMonks Chatterbox Same as CB (see above)
PMD PerlMonks Discussion The area of the PerlMonks website dedicated to discussions about the site itself (not about Perl).
RAT Recently Active Threads Displays a list of discussions that have seen activity in the recent past. Unlike Newest Nodes this view is threaded so you can see the conversation structure. Various options of how to view the page are available. Be sure to read Recently Active Threads Faqlet on how to use the page.
SIOB Saints in our Book
SoPW Seekers of Perl Wisdom The place where you should post any Perl questions you might have. Be sure to check if a question similiar to yours has alread been answered before posting! You can do so by searching for phrases relevant to your problem with Super Search
Stumbit Submit It may have started as a typo, but it has become a cherished part of the PerlMonks institution. It has been said that "You 'submit' a post, you 'stumbit' your user info."
TIMTOWTDI There Is More Than One Way To Do It The Perl Motto, coined by TimToady (Larry Wall) himself.
XP eXperience Points Read about the Voting/Experience System

This list includes only those terms which are Perl- or PerlMonks-specific. Monks do, of course, use most of the conventional "net-speak" phrases, abbreviations, emoticons, etc., so if the term you're looking for is not in the above list, consult the very exhaustive NetLingo dictionary. For an in-depth exploration of geek/hacker jargon, visit the venerable Jargon File.

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