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Wishing I was coding in Perl
[bar] 126/20%
Eating/Sleeping--the only other things I do
[bar] 49/8%
Hacking SQL
[bar] 50/8%
Perusing comp.lang.perl.misc
[bar] 3/0%
Lurking in at least 10 channels on
[bar] 4/1%
Posting something on my Perl blog
[bar] 4/1%
Hanging out at
[bar] 30/5%
Browsing the CPAN
[bar] 16/2%
Hacking the Perl source code
[bar] 14/2%
At a pub with a few fellow Perl Mongers
[bar] 20/3%
Back to work as the sysadmin
[bar] 91/14%
Watching Futurama
[bar] 114/18%
All of the the same time!
[bar] 122/19%
643 total votes

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