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++ mpeppler What amazing contributions and acheivments, I'm humbled. I see so many monks on here, that have accomplished such amazing contributions to Perl and the world of IT as a whole, and I'm simply dumb-founded. I'm still struggling just to de-bug my little scripts, lol. I hope mpeppler, that 20 years from now, I will be able to meditate on a contribution of my own, that reaches just half of your contribution and your meditation. :)

For all the monks here who have written so many wonderful books and modules, and the site administrators of Perl Monks , and any of you who have contributed inspiring sweat-lined work to our community, I believe I speak for all novice/newbie/rookie/noob/beginner out there, when I say Thank You for all the hard work you've done, to lay the path we are on now, which while y'all may have found it a winding, shadowy unknown dirt road, it's now paved with remarkable tools and techniques - you've turned it into a major 4 lane highway! So now we can go farther than we could have, without the blood, sweat and tears (and countless days coding in a basement with scarce food, no sleep, way too much coffee awaiting a nervous breakdown that you never had time to have lol) of those veterans who built this road for us.

OK, Sorry, didn't mean to go on that much of a rant, thanks though, really. All of you inquiring minds out there that paved the way for the IT explosion today.

"The unexamined life is not worth living." -- Socrates

"The idea, is to make a compromise, somewhere between your ambitions, and your limitations." -- The Teahouse of the August Moon