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The Perl Journal

by Marburg (Novice)
on Apr 27, 2000 at 03:01 UTC ( #9341=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Here is my entry to the last Perl Journal Obfuscation contest ... the "The Perl Journal" section. I hope it makes sense ... not! John.
$b=\q~~,$a='@_=$&,++@_=>$a=~m,.,;@_=$&,',$b="z"=>$a=~y,@_,$a,,$b=~s/./ +$a/ee; $_=$~,s~(.).*(.).~\L$1$2a~,$_++,;s,^,\$^^*,,s,$,{},,s,{,{\$0**1?\\\$^: +\$^^,, s,(\d),$1--,,;s~{~{s,(\\(),\$1.(\$0+\$0+\$_&0%).((\$0!*5)\?'|':''),e;~ +,$!++, $a=('@'x4).('~'x7),$$b.="@@"."~"x6;$|++,$a.="~"x(($|+$|)*($|+$|)*($|+$ +|)*($| +$|))=>;$a.=qq.\n.=>$a.=q.~$~~$~.=>$$b.=q.@~~~$.,$$b.=q.@@+.=>$a.=q.@~ +.x2=>; y,*^&%,=_[],,$|++;s,,$0=$|+$|+$|+$|;$0++;$_,ee,s,(.*),(),,;($~=qq.\${\ +$__(.. (++$|).qq.)($|+$|)($|+$|+$|)(..(($|+$|)+($|+$|)).qq.)($|)}.)=~s/\(/\-> +\(/g,; s/.*/$~;/ee=>$0=$_,$a.=((q,$~~~~,x2).(q,@~~~@~$,)),$a.="\n";$$b.=q._~~ +$+_-., $a.=q,~~$,.q.~.x3;$$b.=q#_-$~_~~_@#;$a.=q%$_+_$$~$+_$_~%;$a=~y,~$@+_, +/_)(,; ($~='@_=(--@|+@|),@_=@_+$_+@_+($|-@|)')=~y/\@_-/\$_+/;s//$~/ee,$!=$_/( +$|+$|) ;$~=$!,$~=~s/^(\w*).*/$1/,$~=~s/^(...)(..)(.*)/$3$2\l$1/,$_=$~,,$~=''; +s,(.), @_[0=>1]=(++$_[0]=>$&)=>$~.=($_[0]=~m.^$0$.)?$_[1]:'',ge,,=>,,s,^.*$,q +q*$~*. q*^$*.q*a\\*.q.n^.,e,$0=$_,$$b=$a,$0=~s,,$_=~y~^~"~;$_,ee

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RE: The Perl Journal
by raflach (Pilgrim) on May 12, 2000 at 21:43 UTC
    Cool works even with -w on. Would be even cooler if it worked with strict, and you could easily make it I would think.
    Can't use string ("a") as a SCALAR ref while "strict refs" in use at line 5.

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