You may know Tad from his frequent contributions to comp.lang.perl.misc. That also got my attention, and I hired him at Stonehenge in 1999 to be one of my trainers during the dot-com boom, and later entrusted him with managing the logistics of our on-site trainings. He later took on the role of being one of the comp.lang.perl.moderated moderators as well.

Tad lost his battle with lung cancer last Sunday. I had known about his illness for about six months, and had spoken to him about a month ago. At that time, he had said things weren't going well, but he was still hopeful.

His obituary says the services are today. I'm in the wrong city for that, unfortunately. There's also a guest book there if you want to add a note.

Rest in piece, my friend. 55 years for you was far too young.

-- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker

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