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I need some help. I've written a script that will calculate e using Euler's formula. I'm using Math::NumberCruncher to facilitate the factorial process, and Math::BigFloat which should, in theory, allow me to take e out to an arbitrary number of places. However, for some reason it seems to stop after about 320 places, or so. Here is the code:

use Math::BigFloat; use Math::NumberCruncher; $| = 1; $N = shift || 100; $e = Math::BigFloat->new("1"); for ( $i = 1; $i <= $N; $i++ ) { $fac = Math::NumberCruncher::Factorial( $i ); $e += 1 / $fac; } print $e, "\n";

Any thoughts on how I can get the above script to go beyond the 320-odd places?

Thanks for your time, Monks.