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Say we have multiple systems that all have an nfs-mounted filesystem. All of them want to create a new directory under a common dir, e.g. /mnt/home/volume. I know that there's the O_EXCL mode to sysopen which is guaranteed to fail if a file already exists, but is there a similar way to create a directory?

I though about using this pseudocode:

my $dir = "/mnt/home/volume/"; my $i = 0; while(1) { $i++; my $success = 1; sysopen (FH, $dir . "$i", O_RDWR|O_EXCL|O_CREAT) or $sucess = 0; last if $success; } # Now it should be safe to create dir $i

This looks kind of crappy, is there a better way to do that or a module which already provides that functionality?