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Re: Re: File Input and Output

by Hofmator (Curate)
on Jul 24, 2001 at 14:39 UTC ( #99281=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to What is the error in my script or file setup?
in thread File Input and Output

mmhhh, different possibilites that this doesn't work

  • try if this works:
    use strict; use warnings; my @list; while(<DATA>) { chomp; push @list, $_; } my $i="harv"; foreach my $list (@list) { if($i eq $list) { print "YES!\n"; } } __DATA__ fred 20.4 harv 5.6 tony 5.13 dennis 401.1
    The DATA section behaves exactly like a file - inside your file and you don't have to open it. If it does then
  • check if your file opened correctly (and specify the opening mode): open (FILE, "<", "input.dat") or die "Couldn't open input.dat: $!"; The die will abort the program if 'input.dat' couldn't be opened. The $! variable contains an error message and is set automatically if an error during the open occured.
  • You should use strict; and use warnings; (equivalent to perl -w). It protects you from typing mistakes - there aren't any in your example, this is more general advice. And it shows useful warnings if you do some possibly 'stupid' things.

-- Hofmator

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