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I have a simple webpage deployed to tomcat which runs certain shell scripts based on user selection. The pages are written in html and cgi/perl.

We already have a working ldap server and directory. I need to be able to add security to the web page I created so a user is asked to login using their ldap account when trying to access the home page or any off the sub pages.

How do I add ldap authentication to my web page?

Please be very specific as I am new to all of this. Step by step instructions including code would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

I did a lot of research on google, but all of the solutions are generic, and I don't know where to start.

This is a good article, but I'm not sure where do I put my connection to ldap and the binding (which of my pages)? How do I make sure the authentication will apply to the sub pages as well, or any other one created in the future?