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My question is: Why is the error not thrown from the while on 83?

It is, it just doesn't say line 83, the line number is wrong, it is a mismatch, example

$ cat junk while( STDIN ){ @ARGV=2; } # 4 # 5 $ perl -w -Mstrict junk Bareword "STDIN" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at junk line 5 +. Execution of junk aborted due to compilation errors.

$ cat junk while( STDIN ){ @ARGV=2; }

I vaguely remember when I first learned to always look at the earliest error message, start at the reported line number, and look before, look above -- this is especially true in perl :)

But you've found a new bug in, consider

$ cat junk while( STDIN ){ @ARGV=2; } close STDIN;

With strict the following error message is misleading

$ perl -Mstrict junk Bareword "STDIN" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at junk line 4 +. Execution of junk aborted due to compilation errors.

If you look at line 4, you'll see  close STDIN, but we know close takes barewords -- it can be very confusing even if you know to look above

But with warnings the error message is more informative

$ perl -w junk Bareword found in conditional at junk line 4. Terminating on signal SIGINT(2)

Sure, the line number is wrong (and the program runs forever, infinite loop is infinite), but we know  close STDIN; is not a conditional , so there is less confusion

OTOH :) here is where the advantage falls apart , a conditional  close STDIN if fileno STDIN; or  fileno STDIN and close STDIN;

so warnings can detect a bareword in a conditional, strict can name the bareword, strict should say it is in a conditional, its more informative

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:) Perl gets the line number right in the beginning (: (see "junk:" below)

$ cat junk while( STDIN ){ @ARGV=@ARGV; } close STDIN ; $ perl -MO=Concise junk h <@> leave[1 ref] vKP/REFC ->(end) 1 <0> enter ->2 2 <;> nextstate(main 3 junk:1) v:{ ->3 d <2> leaveloop vK/2 ->e 3 <{> enterloop(next->c last->d redo->4) v ->4 - <@> lineseq vK ->d 4 <;> nextstate(main 1 junk:2) v ->5 b <2> aassign[t6] vKS/COMMON ->c - <1> ex-list lK ->8 5 <0> pushmark s ->6 7 <1> rv2av[t5] lK/1 ->8 6 <#> gv[*ARGV] s ->7 - <1> ex-list lK ->b 8 <0> pushmark s ->9 a <1> rv2av[t3] lKRM*/1 ->b 9 <#> gv[*ARGV] s ->a c <0> unstack v ->4 e <;> nextstate(main 3 junk:4) v:{ ->f g <1> close vK/1 ->h f <#> gv[*STDIN] s ->g junk syntax OK

update: :) I acknowledge kcott beat me to the punch , I mean he struck first, I mean I'm not a violent person at all, its just an expression, he posted first :p

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