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Works well here, but I have one nit-pick. My Window Manager's toolbar is set at the top of my screen, and it gets annoying when someone uses a geometry statement with (+0+0) in it, as all the controls get hidden under my toolbar.

In the Chatterbox, I recommended using the canvas instead of buttons, so here is an example of how to setup a hex-grid.

#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use Tk; # simplest hex example where the cell height = sqrt(3) cell width # and all cells vertically oriented like a honeycomb # W = 2 * r # s = 1.5 * r # H = 2 * r * sin(60 degrees) = sqrt(3) * r # therefore # r = W/2 and we can compute our polygon's points # # set number of cells in x and y direction my ( $num_cells_x , $num_cells_y) = (50,50); # set rectangular cell and width and compute height my $cwidth = 40; my $cheight = sqrt(3) * $cwidth; # compute canvas size required my ($canvasWidth, $canvasHeight) = ($num_cells_x * $cwidth, $num_cells_y * $cheight); my $mw = MainWindow->new(); $mw->geometry('500x500+300+300'); my $sc = $mw->Scrolled('Canvas', -bg => 'black', -width => $canvasWidth, -height => $canvasHeight, -scrollbars => 'osoe', -scrollregion => [ 0, 0, $canvasWidth, $canvasHeight ], )->pack; my $canvas =$sc->Subwidget("canvas"); my ($x, $y, $r , $s , $h, $w, $diff, $row, $col ); $r = $cwidth/2; $w = $cwidth; $h = sqrt(3) * $r; $s = 1.5 * $r; $diff = $w - $s; $row = 0; $col = 0; # $x and $y are center of mass locations for ($y = 0; $y < $canvasHeight; $y+= $h/2){ for ($x = 0; $x < $canvasWidth; $x+= (2*$r + $s - $diff) ){ my $shift = 0; my $color; # toggles row colors and spacings if ($row % 2){ $color = '#FFAAAA'; $shift = $s ; } else{ $color = '#AAAAFF'} #print "$color\n"; my $x0 = $x - $r - $shift; my $y0 = $y; my $x1 = $x0 + $diff; my $y1 = $y0 - $h/2; my $x2 = $x0 + $s; my $y2 = $y0 - $h/2; my $x3 = $x0 + 2*$r; my $y3 = $y; my $x4 = $x0 + $s; my $y4 = $y0 + $h/2; my $x5 = $x1; my $y5 = $y0 + $h/2; my $x6 = $x0; # close up to starting point my $y6 = $y0; # account for $shift affecting x position # xpos != x my $xpos = $x0 + $r; my $hexcell = $canvas->createPolygon ($x0, $y0, $x1, $y1, $x2, $y2,$x3, $y3,$x4, $y4,$x5, $y5, $x6, $y6, + -fill => $color, -activefill => '#CCFFCC', -tags =>['hexcell',"row.$row","col.$col", "po +sx.$xpos", "posy.$y" ], -width => 1, -outline => 'black', ); $col++; } $row++; $col = 0; # reset column } $sc->bind('hexcell', '<Enter>', \&enter ); $sc->bind("hexcell", "<Leave>", \&leave ); $sc->bind("hexcell", "<1>", \&left_click ); MainLoop; sub left_click { my ($canv) = @_; my $id = $canv->find('withtag', 'current'); my @tags = $canv->gettags($id); print "@tags\n"; $canv->itemconfigure($id, -fill=>'#44FF44'); } sub enter { my ($canv) = @_; my $id = $canv->find('withtag', 'current'); my @tags = $canv->gettags($id); print "@tags\n"; } sub leave{ my ($canv) = @_; print "leave\n"; }

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