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LOL it's awesome actually. I was always against having a vehicle with so many attack vectors and privacy issues, but the convenience and ability for me to control and monitor it using Perl outweighed all that. If I don't want to be tracked, I use my gas powered technology deprived vehicles :)

Here's what the API provides if you're interested. Most are for monitoring, but many can be controlled remotely, including summoning the vehicle to me, with nobody in it, from several blocks away (I've tested it). The autopilot and "ludicrous speed mode" are my favourite features. It takes some time to get used to a car driving itself though.

{ "user_id": ********, "api_version": 15, "display_name": "Dream machine", "id_s": "*******", "vehicle_config": { "exterior_color": "Red", "wheel_type": "Slipstream20Carbon", "trim_badging": "100d", "can_actuate_trunks": true, "can_accept_navigation_requests": true, "ece_restrictions": false, "timestamp": 1614360378834, "spoiler_type": "Passive", "seat_type": 0, "rear_seat_type": 7, "charge_port_type": "US", "rear_seat_heaters": 3, "default_charge_to_max": false, "car_special_type": "base", "roof_color": "None", "has_ludicrous_mode": true, "rhd": false, "plg": true, "car_type": "modelx", "has_air_suspension": true, "third_row_seats": "FuturisFoldFlat", "use_range_badging": false, "sun_roof_installed": 0, "motorized_charge_port": true, "eu_vehicle": false }, "backseat_token_updated_at": null, "drive_state": { "heading": ***, "speed": null, "native_type": "wgs", "shift_state": "P", "longitude": -119.*****, "power": 0, "latitude": *********, "timestamp": 1614360378834, "native_location_supported": 1, "gps_as_of": ************, "native_latitude": *******, "native_longitude": -119.******* }, "charge_state": { "charge_miles_added_rated": 172.0, "charger_pilot_current": 48, "charger_actual_current": 0, "charge_miles_added_ideal": 215.5, "charge_current_request": 48, "managed_charging_start_time": null, "charge_port_latch": "Engaged", "charger_power": 0, "managed_charging_user_canceled": false, "est_battery_range": 138.01, "charger_voltage": 0, "scheduled_charging_start_time": null, "charge_limit_soc_max": 100, "usable_battery_level": 72, "trip_charging": false, "charge_port_cold_weather_mode": null, "charge_limit_soc": 90, "battery_level": 72, "charge_rate": 0.0, "charge_port_door_open": false, "scheduled_charging_pending": false, "max_range_charge_counter": 0, "not_enough_power_to_heat": false, "time_to_full_charge": 0.0, "charge_current_request_max": 48, "charging_state": "Disconnected", "fast_charger_brand": "<invalid>", "timestamp": 1614360378834, "user_charge_enable_request": null, "charge_to_max_range": false, "conn_charge_cable": "<invalid>", "managed_charging_active": false, "ideal_battery_range": 249.43, "charge_limit_soc_min": 50, "charge_energy_added": 57.13, "battery_range": 199.1, "charge_enable_request": true, "minutes_to_full_charge": 0, "fast_charger_present": false, "charge_limit_soc_std": 90, "battery_heater_on": false, "charger_phases": null, "fast_charger_type": "<invalid>" }, "vin": "*********", "backseat_token": null, "calendar_enabled": true, "climate_state": { "timestamp": 1614360378833, "is_climate_on": false, "outside_temp": 5.7, "side_mirror_heaters": false, "is_auto_conditioning_on": null, "passenger_temp_setting": 20.0, "battery_heater_no_power": false, "seat_heater_third_row_left": 0, "max_avail_temp": 28.0, "battery_heater": false, "is_preconditioning": false, "seat_heater_left": 0, "fan_status": 0, "driver_temp_setting": 22.0, "min_avail_temp": 15.0, "bioweapon_mode": false, "remote_heater_control_enabled": false, "inside_temp": null, "seat_heater_third_row_right": 0, "seat_heater_rear_right": 0, "is_front_defroster_on": false, "steering_wheel_heater": false, "defrost_mode": 0, "left_temp_direction": null, "wiper_blade_heater": false, "seat_heater_rear_center": 0, "climate_keeper_mode": "off", "is_rear_defroster_on": false, "seat_heater_right": 0, "right_temp_direction": null, "seat_heater_rear_left": 0 }, "color": null, "vehicle_id": ****, "option_codes": "AD15,MDL3,PBSB,RENA,BT37,ID3W,RF3G,S3PB,DRLH,DV2W +,W39B,APF0,COUS,BC3B,CH07,PC30,FC3P,FG31,GLFR,HL31,HM31,IL31,LTPB,MR3 +1,FM3B,RS3H,SA3P,STCP,SC04,SU3C,T3CA,TW00,TM00,UT3P,WR00,AU3P,APH3,AF +00,ZCST,MI00,CDM0", "command_signing": "off", "gui_settings": { "gui_charge_rate_units": "km/hr", "show_range_units": true, "gui_temperature_units": "C", "gui_distance_units": "km/hr", "gui_range_display": "Ideal", "timestamp": 1614360378834, "gui_24_hour_time": false }, "tokens": [ "************", "************" ], "access_type": "OWNER", "vehicle_state": { "df": 0, "api_version": 15, "fp_window": 0, "remote_start_enabled": true, "center_display_state": 0, "autopark_style": "dead_man", "pr": 0, "valet_mode": false, "sentry_mode": false, "is_user_present": false, "last_autopark_error": "no_error", "locked": true, "speed_limit_mode": { "active": false, "max_limit_mph": 90, "current_limit_mph": 80.029031, "min_limit_mph": 50, "pin_code_set": true }, "dr": 0, "odometer": 33756.279608, "sentry_mode_available": true, "car_version": "2021.4.6 e44dbab07c42", "homelink_device_count": 3, "autopark_state_v2": "ready", "fd_window": 0, "smart_summon_available": true, "homelink_nearby": false, "pf": 0, "rp_window": 0, "timestamp": 1614360378833, "remote_start_supported": true, "remote_start": false, "summon_standby_mode_enabled": false, "software_update": { "expected_duration_sec": 2700, "version": "2021.4.6", "download_perc": 0, "status": "", "install_perc": 1 }, "notifications_supported": true, "rt": 0, "valet_pin_needed": true, "parsed_calendar_supported": true, "ft": 0, "rd_window": 0, "media_state": { "remote_control_enabled": true }, "vehicle_name": "Dream machine", "calendar_supported": true }, "state": "online", "in_service": false, "id": ***** }

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