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I'd like to understand it.. ;=)

Is this a lex parser as noted in perlre ?

It just support the test cases? or can be extended to support more regex operators?

I was trying a raw approach but when i saw your i gave up.

Brilliant regex hacker!

UPDATE: my attempt with the simplicistic data sample proposed in OP (show representative data as corollary to Know your data principle), was something like:

use strict; use warnings; while(<DATA>){ chomp; my $rx; eval{ $rx = qr($_) }; if($@){print "-->$_<-- INVALID: ",lc $@=~s/$0 line \d+,//r; next +} print "$rx\t=>\t"; s/[\(\)]//g; foreach my $part (split /\|/){ if ($part=~/(\d+)?\[\d+\]/){ print join ' ', grep{/$rx/}$1.0 .. $1.9; print ' '; } else{print "$part "} } print "\n"; } __DATA__ (65|70) (3999[678]|4[1678]) 5[45] (6[4569]|7[01]) (((broken (65|70) # out (?^:(65|70)) => 65 70 (?^:(3999[678]|4[1678])) => 39996 39997 39998 41 46 47 48 (?^:5[45]) => 54 55 (?^:(6[4569]|7[01])) => 64 65 66 69 70 71 -->(((broken<-- INVALID: unmatched ( in regex; marked by <-- here in m +/((( <-- here broken/ at <data> line 5. (?^:(65|70)) => 65 70


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