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You can get pretty much the same techniques out of Haskell, but you'll miss currying.

Huh? Haskell's curried...

foo a b c = a ++ c ++ b with_parens a b = foo a b y = with_parens "<" ">"
then print (y "banana") prints "<banana>". BTW, if you haven't, you should definitely check out Haskell, as it can be a truly mind-bending experience. It's easy to get up and running with the HUGS interpreter, now with delicious readline support.


Update: you won't miss the currying anymore...

use strict; use Carp; use Attribute::Handlers; sub _curry { my ($n, $func, @args) = @_; return sub { my $narg = @args + @_; if ($narg > $n) { carp "$narg args to curried function (expects $n)."; } elsif ($narg < $n) { return _curry($n, $func, @args, @_); } else { return &$func(@args, @_); } }; } sub curry : ATTR(CODE) { my ($package, $symbol, $code, $name, $n) = @_; confess "Usage: sub mysub : curry(N), where N > 0" unless $n; local($^W) = 0; no strict 'refs'; my $newsub = _curry($n, $code); *{$package . '::' . *{$symbol}{NAME}} = $newsub; } sub foo :curry(3) { print "foo: @_\n"; } my $x = foo(1,2); &$x(3); &$x(2);

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