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He may be missed, but his code won't be. He has a public SVN repository which is open access. If he was still with us today, I'm sure he'd be glad to know that someone wrote this piece of code ... so that we may not lose any of his gifts.

This one's for you, spoon.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use POE; use POE::Component::Client::UserAgent; use XML::Sablotron::DOM; use URI; my @urls = qw(; my $thread = 0; sub _start { $_[HEAP]->{situa} = new XML::Sablotron::Situation(); $_[HEAP]->{alias} = "useragent".$_[ARG0]; $_[HEAP]->{thread} = ++$thread; POE::Component::Client::UserAgent->new (alias => $_[HEAP]->{alias}); $_[KERNEL]->yield("next"); } sub next { if (my $url = pop @urls) { $_[HEAP]->{url} = URI->new($url); print "Thread $_[HEAP]->{thread} fetching $url\n"; $_[KERNEL]->post ( $_[HEAP]->{alias} => "request", { request => HTTP::Request->new(GET => $url), response => $_[SESSION]->postback('got_it') } ); } else { print "Thread $_[HEAP]->{thread} waiting 10s for more work\n"; $_[KERNEL]->delay(waiting => 10); } } sub waiting { if (@urls) { goto \&next; } else { print "Thread $_[HEAP]->{thread} shutting down\n"; $_[KERNEL]->post ( $_[HEAP]->{alias} => "shutdown", ); } } sub got_it { my (undef, $response) = @{$_[ARG1]}; # write the response to a file my $url = $_[HEAP]->{url}; # pick a filename like wget does (my $filename = $url) =~ s{^http://}{}; my ($dirname) = ($filename =~ m{(.*)/[^/]*}); ( -d $dirname ) || system("mkdir -p '$dirname'"); if ($response->is_success) { if ($url =~ m{/$}) { print "Thread $_[HEAP]->{thread} scanning $url\n"; # a directory - grok it with Sablotron $_[HEAP]->{doc} = XML::Sablotron::DOM::parseBuffer ($_[HEAP]->{situa}, $response->content); my @dir_nodes = @{ $_[HEAP]->{doc}->xql("//dir") || []}; for my $node (@dir_nodes) { push @urls, URI->new_abs($node->getAttribute("href"), $url) } my @file_nodes = @{ $_[HEAP]->{doc}->xql("//file") || []}; for my $node (@file_nodes) { push @urls, URI->new_abs($node->getAttribute("href"), $url) } } else { # write response ... if (open FOO, ">$filename") { print "Thread $_[HEAP]->{thread} saving $url to $filename\ +n"; print FOO $response->content; close FOO; } else { warn "failed to open $filename for writing; $!"; }; } } else { warn "Thread $_[HEAP]->{thread} got error loading $url; " .$response->status_line."\n"; } $_[KERNEL]->yield("next"); } for (1..3) { POE::Session -> create ( inline_states => { _start => \&_start, next => \&next, got_it => \&got_it, waiting => \&waiting, }, args => [ $_ ], # arguments ); } $poe_kernel->run();
$h=$ENV{HOME};my@q=split/\n\n/,`cat $h/.quotes`;$s="$h/." ."signature";$t=`cat $s`;print$t,"\n",$q[rand($#q)],"\n";

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