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OK, so I was bored last night aso I decided to create my Perl Geek code. Much to my surprise I could not find one! So I wasn't bored anymore ;--)

So here is a preliminary version, with probably some missing fields and definitely some missing descriptions. Feel free to add yours, and next time I'm bored I'll compile them into a definitive one (and I'll write the decoder).

Perl Development

  • c core hacker

    c++++I am Larry Wall
    c+++I am or I have been a pumpkin
    c++I have patches in the last 3 releases of Perl
    c+I once had a patch
    cI post on p5p
    c-I read p5p

Perl Skills

  • W wizardry

    W++++I am Mark-Jason Dominus
    W+++I have to use no strict in most of my scripts
    W++I use closures and dynamically generated code
    W-I use strict but warnings are a pain
    W--strict? -w? Yeah right!
    W!I only write one-liners any

  • R regular expressions

    R++++I am Ilya or Jeff Friedl
    R+++I use (?<!pattern) and (?{code}) on a regular bases
    R++I have been known to use s///ee
    R+I understand "Death to DotStar" and when I have to use \1 instead of $1
    RI use regular expressions quite often but I am always a little uncomfortable with them
    R-why can't you do tr/&/&/ ?
    R--regular expressions is a fancy name for line noise
    R---I don't need no stinkin' regular expression, all of my data is XML

  • PU pack/unpack

    P++++I use pack and unpack to speedup my sort routines
    P!I pack and unpack my suitcase

  • MA map

  • E eval

  • M Modules

    M++++I am Damian Conway
    M+++Some of my modules are part of the core distribution
    M++I have one or more module on CPAN
    M+I write my own modules and use them as much as I can
    MI use modules from CPAN
    M-I only use modules from the core dstribution
    M--I don't like modules and I don't use them
    M!I only write one-liners any

  • O Objects

    O++++I am Damian Conway
    O+++I have written
    O!I am Tom Christiansen

  • C cgi

    C++++I am Lincol Stein
    C+++I write (good) books about CGI and Perl
    C++I use, the Template Toolkit and HTML::Parser
    C+I use and the taint mode
    CI use but I am not that sure my scripts are secure
    C-CGI is best done with print and parsing CGI queries by hand
    C--I try to avoid doing CGI at all costs
    C---What's that CGI thingie anyway?
    C!My company won't do CGI, it is not secure

  • D dbi

    D++++I am Tim Bunce

  • S sysadmin

  • X XML

    X++++I am Matt Sergeant or Clark Cooper
    X+++I have writen XML modules that ended up on CPAN
    X++I can tell how XML::DOM differs from XML::Twig and I use both
    X+I use XML::Simple
    XXML... that's on my TODO list
    X-Yeah I know, XML is great, but why is it such a pain to use?
    X--My boss would like me too use this XML thingie, I don't think so!
    X---What is XML?
    X!I HATE XML, it is a creation of the evil empire to destroy us all, I am Jon Barger

  • T Perl/Tk


  • PM Perlmonk

    WP++++I am Vroom
    WP+++I am a Saint
    WP++I am an Abbot or above
    WP+I have my picture on my homenode
    WPI Can't vote yet, but I will soon
    WP-I am not interested in Perl Monks
    WP--I am Princepawn

  • MO Perl Monger

    PM++++I am Brian D. Foy
    PM+++I founded a Perl Monger group
    PM++I participate in at least 2 Perl Monger groups
    PM+I go to Perl Monger reunions
    PMI am subscribed to a Perl Monger mailing list but I don't go to meetings
    PM!I don't need no stinkin' Perl Mongers

  • n usenet

  • o obfuscation

    o++++I won the OPC, I am BooK or Erudil
    o+++I participated in the OPC, I posted obfuscations on PerlMonks that have over 20 in rep
    o++I use a JAPH
    o+I wrote a JAPH but it is so pathetic I never use it
    oObfuscation is cool, I'm just not good at it
    o!I HATE obfuscation

  • CO conferences

    C++++I am Nat Torkington, Kevin Lenzo, Leon Brocard or Damian Conway
    C+++I have won a prize at TPC or YAPC (but I am NOT Damian Conway)
    C++I have given tutorials at TPC or YAPC
    C+I have given talks at TPC or YAPC
    CI have attended at least 3 TPC or YAPC
    C-I have attended at least once TPC or YAPC
    C--I have never attended TPC or YAPC, my company won't let me go
    C---I have never attended TPC or YAPC, and I have no desire to ever do so

  • G goof

    G++++I am Damian Conway or Michael Schwern
    G+++I have a Camel tatoo somewhere on my body
    G++I write programs that are valid in at least 2 languages including Perl
    G+I write Perl Poetry

Other Languages

  • LC C

  • LCC C++

  • LJ Java

  • LP Python

  • LPO Postscript

  • LCO Cobol

  • LS Smalltalk

  • LL Lisp

  • LA Assembly

Operating System

  • u unix

    B- BSD (use this unless your BSDish system is mentioned below)
    L- Linux
    V- SysV
    H- HPUX
    I- IRIX
    O- OSF/1 (aka Digital Unix)
    S- Sun OS/Solaris
    *- Some other one not listed

  • w windows

  • m mac

  • o other OS

    A- Amiga
    E- BeOS


  • Ee emacs

  • Ev vi

  • Eo other

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