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Many thanks for this information.

I've seen various manifestations of this bug ever since upgrading to 5.8.7, but I've been shy of reporting them as my first attempt at the upgrade using the AS 813 msi went belly up at the nth hour and insisted on rolling back, but left my 5.8.6 installed screwed.

I managed to 'recover' by using the quickly available AS815 build, but I was never really convinced that the screw up hadn't left something not quite right in my setup. This time, I completely blew away everything, including all the non-AS core packages which I've previously got away with leaving in place (5.8.0->5.8.1->5.8.2->...->5.8.6), and installed completely clean.

Unfortunately, I am still seeing the same problems which probably means that they are down to 5.8.7 core and all the time I spent rebuilding all my packages was wasted as I'll have to go through it all again for 5.8.8 :(

I think I may just revert to 5.8.6 which seems to have been a very good, stable build.

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