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Just for the sake of completeness here's how you might do it with HTML::Parser:

use HTML::Parser; my $VAR1 = '<html><title>GAL7</title> <body bgcolor=white> <h2 align=center>GAL7</h2><hr> <form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/SCPD/getgene2?GAL7" enctype="appl +ication/x-www-form-urlencoded"> <input type="submit" name="action" value="Get mapped sites" /><input t +ype="submit" name="action" value="Get putative sites" /><input type=" +submit" name="action" value="Get interg enic region" /><br /><input type="submit" name="action" value="Retriev +e sequence" />Start<-ATG <input type="text" name="start" value="-450" + size="5" maxlength="5" />ATG->End <inp ut type="text" name="end" value="50" size="5" maxlength="5" /><div></d +iv></form><hr> <pre> >YBR018C GAL7 275433 275933 TTTGATATCACTCACAACTATTGCGAAGCGCTTCAGTGAAAAAATCATAA GGAAAAGTTGTAAATATTATTGGTAGTATTCGTTTGGTAAAGTAGAGGGG GTAATTTTTCCCCTTTATTTTGTTCATACATTCTTAAATTGCTTTGCCTC TCCTTTTGGAAAGCTATACTTCGGAGCACTGTTGAGCGAAGGCTCATTAG ATATATTTTCTGTCATTTTCCTTAACCCAAAAATAAGGGAAAGGGTCCAA AAAGCGCTCGGACAACTGTTGACCGTGATCCGAAGGACTGGCTATACAGT GTTCACAAAATAGCCAAGCTGAAAATAATGTGTAGCTATGTTCAGTTAGT TTGGCTAGCAAAGATATAAAAGCAGGTCGGAAATATTTATGGGCATTATT ATGCAGAGCATCAACATGATAAAAAAAAACAGTTGAATATTCCCTCAAAA ATGACTGCTGAAGAATTTGATTTTTCTAGCCATTCCCATAGACGTTACAA </pre>Some other stuff</body></html>'; sub default_start { my ($self, $tagname) = @_; if ( $tagname eq 'pre' ) { $self->handler(text => \&get_text, "self,dtext"); $self->handler(end => \&end_text, "self,tagname"); } } sub get_text { my ($self, $text) = @_; if ( not exists $self->{_text} ) { $self->{_text} = $text; } else { $self->{_text} .= $text; } } sub end_text { my ( $self, $tagname) = @_; if ( $tagname eq 'pre' ) { $self->handler(text => ''); $self->handler(start => ''); $self->handler(end => ''); } } my $parser = HTML::Parser->new(start_h => [\&default_start,'self,tagna +me']); $parser->parse($VAR1); print $parser->{_text};
This might have the advantage over using other parsers if you are dealing with large documents as it doesn't build a preparsed representation of the documentation before handing the events to you.


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Use:  <p> text here (a paragraph) </p>
and:  <code> code here </code>
to format your post; it's "PerlMonks-approved HTML":

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  • Posts may use any of the Perl Monks Approved HTML tags. Currently these include the following:
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  • Snippets of code should be wrapped in <code> tags not <pre> tags. In fact, <pre> tags should generally be avoided. If they must be used, extreme care should be taken to ensure that their contents do not have long lines (<70 chars), in order to prevent horizontal scrolling (and possible janitor intervention).
  • Want more info? How to link or How to display code and escape characters are good places to start.
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