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Your output sample shows employee 3379 twice. I'll assume that is an error.

You are assuming you already have a list @inlst of employees, though your code doesn't show where it comes from. The program should probably build the list as it goes along.

Here is one way to do it (__DATA__ section not shown):

use List::Util qw( sum); my (@emp_lst, %prod); while ( <DATA> ) { my ( $emp) = m{<emp>(\d+)</emp>} or warn "No <emp> in line $.\n", next; push @emp_lst, $emp unless $prod{ $emp}; $prod{ $emp} ||= []; my ( $prod) = m{<prod>([.\d]+)</prod>} or next; push @{ $prod{ $emp} }, $prod; } for ( values %prod ) { $_ = @$_ ? sum( @$_)/@$_ : ''; } print "$_ - $prod{ $_}\n" for @emp_lst;

Update: I agree with GrandFather that an appropriate parser is a better solution.

Update: Noticed an optimisation. The pesky $prod{ $emp} ||= []; can go from the while loop and everything rely on autovivification as it should:

while ( <DATA> ) { my ( $emp) = m{<emp>(\d+)</emp>} or warn "No <emp> in line $.\n", next; push @emp_lst, $emp unless $prod{ $emp}; push @{ $prod{ $emp} }, m{<prod>([.\d]+)</prod>}; }

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