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Interesting observations, but I respectfully disagree. The Monastery is *not* an RPG, a MUD, or online game.

It's a gathering place to share, learn, and expand the Perl Way. It's a port of call--home away from home--for diplomats, entrepreneurs, hustlers, and wanders. Oh, wait..sorry. Wrong intro.

Seriously, I think you've misunderstood things. Some may take the XP seriously, but others don't. Regardless, the point--the real point--is that we're all here to better our knowledge of Perl, to become better programmers, and to learn from each other's experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

XP's don't count. You can't buy anything with them and there's no free T-Shirt for "winning."

Instead, you win when you increase your understanding of Perl, its modules, and its effective use. That "ah-hah" moment of clarity. That's your prize. The exultation when it finally works or you finally *get* it.

It's one thing to read books and to tinker around, but this is a place where you can get honest feedback from professionals who use this language every single day. You can learn from their mistakes, you can get esoteric specifics about situations you never dreamed existed. In short, these people can help you write better Perl programs and to become a better programmer. *Use* that and learn from your peers' experience.

This is not a game and very few are playing games in these halls. Yes, we cut up from time to time and enjoy ourselves. Yes, we have our share of trolls and XP addicts. However, by and large, we're here to learn, to help, and to give to the Perl community.

It's *not* a race; you don't get HP or skill points for gaining levels. However, if you take the time to check around, to pay attention, and to listen to the advice offered to you and to the advice offered to other petitioners, you will gain *skills*. Mind you, you must be paying attention (for some lessons are subtle) and you must have an open mind (for you will frequently be mistaken or uninformed), but if you participate and you listen, you will learn what to do and what not to do--something you will not be able to do if your primary objective is XP. (This ain't Everquest, bunky.)

In short, I appreciate your suggestions and acknowledge that they're considered, but I argue against major tinkering with the voting system as it stands.

I will agree that we need more tutorials and reviews. Your contest idea is interesting, but I'd rather give out a T-Shirt, instead of XP. Oh, wait...that was tried recently, wasn't it?

Nevertheless, adding quality reviews and tutorials is a laudable goal and a fair challenge. I'm working on one of each. Do you care to write one?


P.S. Yes, I'm a B5 fan. Why do you ask?

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