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The call is returning a valid hash. It's my syntax following the twitter API call that's problematic. When I do:
my $nt = Net::Twitter->new( traits => [qw/API::REST/], username => $usename, password => $pwd ); my $results = $nt->show_user($twitterID); print Dumper $results;
Here's what I get:
$VAR1 = { 'friends_count' => 6, 'profile_background_tile' => bless( do +{\(my $o = 0)}, 'JSON::XS::Boolean' ), 'status' => { 'source' => 'Per +l Net::Twitter', 'favorited' => $VAR1->{'profile_background_tile'}, ' +truncated' => $VAR1->{'profile_background_tile'}, 'created_at' => 'Tu +e Jul 21 11:25:47 +0000 2009', 'text' => 'Checking server responses', + 'in_reply_to_user_id' => undef, 'id' => 2056026009, 'in_reply_to_sta +tus_id' => undef, 'in_reply_to_screen_name' => undef }, 'profile_imag +e_url' => ' +000000000/January-2008__2__normal.JPG', 'profile_sidebar_fill_color' +=> 'e0ff92', 'profile_link_color' => '0000ff', 'profile_sidebar_borde +r_color' => '87bc44', 'created_at' => 'Thu Sep 11 23:45:20 +0000 2008 +', 'profile_background_color' => '9ae4e8', 'utc_offset' => -28800, 'n +otifications' => $VAR1->{'profile_background_tile'}, 'url' => 'http:/ +/', 'verified' => $VAR1->{'profile_background_tile'}, ' +id' => 16249787, 'following' => $VAR1->{'profile_background_tile'}, ' +profile_background_image_url' => ' +emes/theme1/bg.gif', 'screen_name' => 'myname', 'location' => 'WA', ' +followers_count' => 13, 'name' => 'myname', 'protected' => $VAR1->{'p +rofile_background_tile'}, 'statuses_count' => 8, 'description' => 'Te +chnology', 'profile_text_color' => '000000', 'time_zone' => 'Pacific +Time (US & Canada)', 'favourites_count' => 0 };

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