in reply to Failure to install PDL::Graphics::Simple on Windows 10

I just tried with strawberry 5.30.0_64_PDL, and got similar results. The tests numbered 73 and above are all failing the automated suite because it is asking for user interaction, and the since the cpanm test/install isn't passing those questions on to the user, they don't get answered, and they fail. If I use cpanm --look PDL::Graphics::Simple and then run gmake test, those tests all pass. However, test #5 still fails. That appears to be one of the "engine" tests (gnuplot pgplot plplot prima). It may be that one (or more) of those engines aren't included by default with the strawberry PDL bundle. My guess (and it is only a guess) is that if the --look / gmake test sequence above shows graphs appearing, that it's working "well enough". So you could either try cpanm --notest (to skip the tests), or do a gmake install inside the cpanm --look PDL::Graphics::Simple without requiring gmake test to work. No guarantees the module will work for you, but given that the tests seemed to be effective, even though not passing, tells me that it probably will work for you.