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I was OP for that thread: getting Log::Log4perl to install on windows strawberry perl, and I was glad for all responses including the one in question here. Maybe because of the font it was rendered in, I did not go with the --notest install, which may have solved the problem I presented with. I don't know, because I got another response to add a line of code to one of the tests, and then it would pass. I did this latter thing and, voila, Log::Log4perl installed on windows 10. In doing so, I created a fork, a good exercise in itself.

I consider that thread "closed out" now for my purposes as OP, but maybe we can recall a bit of it to get some perl going here. I'm OP on another thread now, where afoken links to a challenge in Re: Perl Passion website:

Is fixing this not something that lies within reach, if someone (why not me) makes the right submissions and runs the proper tests?

Furthermore trwww said that the module had lost its maintainer and also identifies the bug as known bug on rt. ateague shows the line of code that needs to be added for windows: Re: getting Log::Log4perl to install on windows strawberry perl. Maybe, what I'm suggesting has already been done in the form of this repo, and I just haven't cottoned on to it yet.

This is our line of code, for line 448 in t/026FileApp.t

log4perl.appender.Logfile.mode = clobber

Or is it not worth fixing? The fix might be uglier be than the flaw, in particular if --notest is a quick and easy way past it.

I'm glad this came up so I could take a second bite at this apple.

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