Is there a complete log of consideration events anywhere? By complete, I mean including the logging of events such as unconsideration. I don't know of any such; and what that means is that if a monk puts on a consideration, and then a janitor removes it, there is no trace of that consideration at all anywhere. Am I just missing something? Thanks...

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Re: Considerations History (rje)
by tye (Sage) on Jul 07, 2015 at 15:46 UTC

    Some consideration stuff is logged in node edit history (probably just section changes). More of that would be appropriate, I think. Just use "consideration" as a fake "field" in Recent Janitorial Edits. Other things are logged in root's message inbox. I think node history is a better choice for this as the logs should be public.

    - tye        

      Update: Node considerations are now also logged as edits.

      Done. That is, unconsiderations (Update 2019-03-05: and considerations!) are now logged as edits, as are a few other things, i.e. user group member adds and removes.

      Here's what's logged in root's inbox, afaict:

      • node reaps
      • user account locks
      • borgs
      None of those look like candidates for RJE logging to me; and anyway, they already leave other public artifacts.