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I had ActivePerl -v 16 and it ran well on my Windows XP. But next I needed to make exe from pl program and installed Strawberry Perl. But Strawberry Perl does not connect to internet through my 4g modem, while ActivePerl connected well. Windows XP. ActivePerl version 16 , Strawberry version 22. What may be wrong? CPAN\ I tried to copy from ActivePerl to Strawberry. It didnot help.

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Re: Internet connection 4g modem
by haukex (Archbishop) on Nov 21, 2016 at 16:38 UTC

    Hi mic537,

    But Strawberry Perl does not connect to internet through my 4g modem, while ActivePerl connected well.

    What does this mean - are you using a Perl script to connect via a modem? Are you using any Perl modules for this, and could you show a short, runnable piece of example code that demonstrates the problem? Please see How do I post a question effectively? and Short, Self Contained, Correct Example.

    -- Hauke D

      I try to install module through cpan - and receive: module LWP failed with code500 And also I try with my program ( pl converted to exe) which worked well on Ethernet, and through modem it failed on lines: my $sock = new LWP::Socket();  die "Can't bind a socket" unless $sock->bind('', '8080');

      impossible to open socket when modem is found on PC.

        Do you really use If so, the modem isn't involved, as is localhost . Are you sure the webserver is running on port 8080?

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Re: Internet connection 4g modem (Check your firewall)
by Anonymous Monk on Nov 22, 2016 at 01:06 UTC

    Check your firewall settings

    Its easily possible that the old activestate "perl.exe" was allowed to make internet connections (both client and werver) while the new "perl.exe" from strawberry is not allowed to do the same

      That the point!!! Thank you anonymous stranger in a perl. I really had a firewall - which was shutdown. And I did not blame it. But it turned out somehow, that core of firewall was not shut down and did it guard job without any annotation. It stopped strawberry/perl.exe from access ( while perl/perl.exe was allowed long before) !! When I launched firewall again( jetico ) I made permissions to strawberry and it began to work!!! The more stupid question the more easy answer. Thank to all , all , all who supported me. I feel really not alone here in this world.
Re: Internet connection 4g modem
by CountZero (Bishop) on Nov 22, 2016 at 06:48 UTC
    Did you uninstall ActivePerl before installing StrawberryPerl?


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