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Very dangerous

Bobby tables

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Re^6: mysql update table how to
by VC (Novice) on Mar 20, 2019 at 16:56 UTC

    It is PART of another sub routine that only the Admin can access, no user or hacker could even guess or get to were it is, besides no one else came up with an answer? But thanks anyway!

      Why take the risk, it's easy enough to avoid

      my $sql= 'UPDATE EmployerJobs SET Disabled = ? WHERE USERID = ?'; my $dbh = DB::connect (); my $count = $dbh->do($sql,undef,$DISABLED,$userid); $dbh->disconnect (); printf "%d records updated\n",$count;

      also be aware that by not using the ->update_record() method in package DB::TableInfo you could be missing important audit logging or database consistency/integrity checks.

        Thanks, That's a good Idea!