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I will have some files in a database the second file, or the file to compare will come from my friend server, and he will get tht files from an radio stattion with his computer. In fact it sounds dummy but the objective of my project is that the computer will do something when it "listen" the right song, exactly the same way when you wait for a song to play in a radio station, when you listen to it you will think "Thats the song i was waiting for", well i want to computer to do something like that :)
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by jotti (Scribe) on May 30, 2002 at 11:33 UTC
    Ok, got it! If one computer listens to the radio, which is an analog signal, the computer does the A/D conversion. If there are other wav files created by other computers in the same way, the digital data in the wav files differ, even if the sound source would be the same music CD. We have to stick to Fourier analysis and that kind of things.