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I guess my error rate is actually 0%, since I've never voted -- on anything. My preference is to simply ++ those nodes I believe are worthwhile, either because they ask good questions or present good information. Thus far, I've always found enough good posts to use all of my votes on. ;) It's better, IMNSHO, to encourage our fellow monks who post positive contributions this way than to worry about "punishing" the negative contributions via --.


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Re: Re: Voting slipups (see results before voting)
by VSarkiss (Monsignor) on Jul 01, 2002 at 21:45 UTC

    But that's not what the poll is asking. Even if you only ever vote ++ (or -- for that matter) you may sometimes vote for something you didn't intend to. That would be an "unintended vote" as much as voting the wrong way.

      Heh, voting either way on the wrong node honestly hadn't occured to me.
      Note to self: There's More Than One Way To Make A Mistake ;)

        So, does this mean that you voted incorrectly on the Voting Slipups poll? 8)


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