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Well... It is not a problem per se. In my case, I will just leave INTERPOLATE off for everything. I am processing some rather meaty looking apache config files. Some parts for easy editing, others not. Having INTERPOLATE was a matter of convenience.

I thought leaving INTERPOLATE on would be fine at first except for an occasional spurious mixing of regexes for redirects and such. So, when I run the templates I'll get errors for things like having a $2 mixed into the template text. I would just escape this out by doing something like [%'$2'%] but this would make it more confusing for the template maintainers than just leaving INTERPOLATE off.

I don't really have time for anything more complex than this. I did notice that the template tags could be changed for individual BLOCKS by using the TAGS directive in the template. Being a curious fellow, I figured I'd see if there was anything similar for INTERPOLATE that I had missed.

I suppose there isn't though.