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That wasn't sarcasm. I meant that if you mean to flatten a multi-level key into a string you find out the maximum length of each key component (or truncate and pad) and join them together in the proper order after padding. I include both a Lotus Domino @Formula and some perl code because I find both to be really, really typical. The Lotus Domino code is a bit simpler because the sorting is actually occuring just outside of this snippet in a View so all you see here is the serialization of a single record's keys.

REM { Sorting by three values for Lotus Domino (in a single view colum +n). } MaxLength := 255; @Implode( @Transform( A : B : C; "key"; @If( @Length( key ) > 255; @Left( key; MaxLength ); key + @Repeat( @Char( 0 ); MaxLength - @Length( key ) ) )
# Sorting a three level hash in perl my $a_len = max( map length(), keys %h ); my $b_len = max( map length(), map keys %$_, values %h ); my $c_len = max( map length(), map keys %$_, map values %$_, values %h ); my $fmt = "a$a_len a$b_len a$c_len"; # Assumes \0 is not present in any keys my @sorted_keys = ( map [ unpack( "a$a_len a$b_len a$c_len ", $_ ) ], sort map( { my $a = $_; map( { my $b = $_; map( { pack( "a$a_len a$b_len a$c_len", $a, $b $_ ) } keys %{ $h{ $a }{ $b } } ) } keys %{ $h{ $a } } ) } keys %h );

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Re^6: To use a module...or not.
by BrowserUk (Patriarch) on Jul 27, 2004 at 15:05 UTC

    Okay. That's what I did for the standard GRT version.

    What confused me is I was trying to see how to apply that when using Sort::Maker. I still can't work out what code to put where, in order to have that module generate the GRT (or ST) for me, for a sort of this complexity.

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