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That's pretty cool, zeno.   8^)

One reason for fetching page headers instead of using ping is if you can't run the script from a host in your DMZ, and your firewall blocks ICMP.   It also eliminates false negatives if the website you pick doesn't respond to ICMP.   Or you could use this goody to nail up a dial connection - some ISPs don't hold a line up for ICMP but will, of course, for HTTP.

BTW, I changed the open OUT,">>",$log lines like so: open (OUT, ">>$log") to get rid of this error:
Too many arguments for open at lines (open OUT) near "$log or"
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Re: Re: Internet Connection Uptime Logger
by zeno (Friar) on Feb 12, 2001 at 23:41 UTC

    Good point ybiC. There's no reason for me to use the three argument syntax, and it causes it to be incompatible with previous versions. I've changed the perlfunc:open code to your suggestion. Thanks! -zeno