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Is the box supposed to come up and disappear, because I got rid of the -v part and it didn't just disappear. Then, is that thing the interpretter, what came up.

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Re^8: How to get activestate running
by syphilis (Archbishop) on May 27, 2007 at 15:28 UTC
    If you ran installer.bat, then that box should disappear after the installation has completed and you hit "Enter" .... but I don't really understand your post at all.

    Open up a new instance of cmd.exe and enter perl -v.

    If it doesn't print (in the cmd.exe window) some information about the build of perl, then the installation has not succeeded as I expected - and you need to tell us:
    1) Precisely what did happen when you ran perl -v
    2) The full name of the file that you downloaded from ActiveState
    3) What steps you took in trying to install perl.

    Note that you need to answer all three questions - not just one or two of them.