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I have an application that uses catalyst and fastcgi on apache server. I am setting up a dev server to run the same way as live server. When i post a request to the live server I get a one output whereas when I post an xml to the dev server it returns the reponse for 6 times.

Now the difference in the message that I see in the live and dev, is dev shows in the response
Content-Length: 1305 17:45:16,037 [main] INFO CheckerClient : Content-Type: text/xml 17:45:16,037 [main] INFO CheckerClient : Set-Cookie: session=70fe2fee +8e5ceb5faa4187aa1f9ea1ba; path=/; expires=Thu, 11-Oct-2007 16:45:15 G +MT 17:45:16,037 [main] INFO CheckerClient : Status: 200 17:45:16,037 [main] INFO CheckerClient : X-Catalyst: 5.7010

So any one has any clue wat I should see to check this.

Note: When I post the XML from a sample perl code it returns the ouput only once.

And even if I have a disloague box and post the XML from a html page it returns output only once.

I am trying to post XML through a JUNIT script. Only then it returns the output 6 times. Whereas JUNIT script returns the output once when I post the XML on the live server.

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Re: Regarding Fast cgi and Catalyst
by naikonta (Curate) on Oct 11, 2007 at 21:32 UTC
    So any one has any clue wat I should see to check this.
    Can't tell much without sample code. Also, you didn't describe your environment, how your servers (live and dev) are setup. Are they in the same host? If so, are the two host having identical environment? You may also want to show the sample code that do the posting to both servers. Also, "post a request to the live server" and "post an xml to the dev server" seem to be similiar yet distinct. In short, your problem description is vague. See, your title doesn't have anything at all to do with your question. May I suggest you to read How do I post a question effectively??

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      I copied the Catalyst library that was used in live to dev. The problem was different version of Catalyst.

      I was using an upgraded version of Catalyst in dev, thinking that they should be downward compatible.