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When I was a lot younger (and single), I used to take jobs with smaller companies that were project-based. I'd be there for a year and complete a project, then move on. I found that smaller companies liked my diversity of experience, but larger companies wouldn't touch me. The feeling was usually mutual, so I never regretted my choices. I did also gain several thousand in salary with every move, and I was also hired back at one company at another point in my climb up the spiral helix.

Other than the sometimes painful job search every year or year and a half, I think it's all been beneficial. I learned a lot about different ways of running companies and different management philosophies. The few times I stayed at a company for an extended period of time I got the short end of the stick, and I learned a lot about positioning myself to make my value to the company obvious and unique. This acceleration came about because I have always looked at the employer-employee relationship as my responsibility to manage and manipulate. If you view being taken advantage of as "their fault," you'll never profit from the exchange.

Along those lines, here's a really profound quote:

"Always remember, in the jungle you will either think about the bullets being fired at you, or where you are aiming, but not both. I always choose to think about where I am aiming and where I am going. This leads to massive productivity. The deep training of your mind to do this instinctively is the single most valuable thing you can have on this earth."
            -- Bob Samara

Don Wilde
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