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That happened to me too!

I had the most revolting reviews of some module.. And I looked at the reviews... And I looked at the module.. and I though.. WTF? It's not so bad?!

So here's what I did.

I contacted the reviewers one by one.
Asked them about why, and what I could do to make it better. I even offered to remove the module off cpan!

And you know what?

One person responded to me and said.. That when they wrote the review, my module had no code and did nothing- and looked like a placeholder. (I don't remember that, but.. )
So they re-reviewed my module! :-)

The other person said something similar and posted some notes to the same effect as another reviewer.

So.. If you get scathing reviews in cpan... Understand why- if you cannot understand- contact the authors and *ASK* them what they suggest should be done. You might learn something! And it's all about that- about peer review and growing and learning and .. A scathing review is a possible opportunity to improve your skills as a coder/developer.

I dunno.. It's tough. Come to think about it.. I've only gotten bad reviews.. hahaha.. But at the same time.. I have a couple of modules that people use a lot and even write me to thank me about! PDF::OCR2 and WordPress::XMLRPC - but no reviews! :-).. ahh.. it's all good.