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As ssandy pointed out in greater detail, this is simply not going to do what you would like it to.
$telnet = `telnet $hostname `; $telnet -> waitfor('/Username: $/i');
If you want to script a telnet session, `telnet` isn't going to get you there; you're going to have to find another approach (such as Net::Telnet).

Perhaps you might want to tell us more about why you decided NOT to use Net::Telnet. Perhaps someone here can help you get it to do what you need.

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Re^4: Telnet Issue
by jag (Initiate) on Sep 04, 2009 at 08:41 UTC
    Hi guys, Thanks for all your support, the reason why i didnt choose Net::Telnet is i was not having the root access to install the Net::Telnet module. Thats why i tried with this option. Cheers, Jag