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I prefer to see as uncluttered front page as possible.

I like to see things that are of general interest that I wouldn't look for. New discoveries, methods etc. Things that would be of interest outside the specifics. Maybe where the discussion makes more general reading.

Take a newpaper, the front page has the attention grabbing stuff and pointers to other articles that don't fit. Regular features, contributors and so forth are usually in know places so can be found quickly. You may need to know where to look but there are often guides to help new comers.

Papers and their ilk have fixed sizes for a page that is absent in web pages but if the front page gets too much on it then it becomes less usable.

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Re^2: A new year's request: let's keep the Front Page more current (reality)
by tye (Sage) on Jan 04, 2010 at 14:53 UTC

    If PerlMonks were a newspaper, then each day most of the items on the front page would be the same as yesterday and turning to page two would just get you the things from the front page of a week or more ago. That makes a lousy newspaper (and makes a lousy web site, which is the point of fighting this meme of fear of putting merely ordinary questions, the lion's share of the point of this site, on the front page).

    Your analogy is horribly broken and doesn't come close to matching how the front page is actually used here.

    - tye        

      It's true newspapers do need new content for the front pages but sometimes they will cover old news that is now more relevant (or perceived to be so) because of a later event or new information to a wider readership.

      This site doesn't have a page 2 in the same sense since each section is date ordered by first node/article so is dynamic anyway.