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Further in response to the monk who asked, How did you know? Before I read the response above me, I had readed for a cpan shell in search:

cpan[9]> i /Math::BigInt/ Module = Math::BigInt (PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-1.997.tar.gz) Module = Math::BigInt::Calc (PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-1.997.tar.gz) Module = Math::BigInt::CalcEmu (PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-1.997.tar.gz) Module Math::BigInt::Constant (TELS/math/Math-BigInt-Constant-1.08. +tar.gz) Module = Math::BigInt::FastCalc (PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-FastCalc-0.30.t +ar.gz) Module = Math::BigInt::GMP (PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-GMP-1.37.tar.gz +) Module Math::BigInt::Lite (FLORA/Math-BigInt-Lite-0.14.tar.gz) Module Math::BigInt::Named (TELS/math/Math-BigInt-Named-0.03.tar +.gz) Module Math::BigInt::Named::English (TELS/math/Math-BigInt-Named-0. +03.tar.gz) Module Math::BigInt::Named::German (TELS/math/Math-BigInt-Named-0.0 +3.tar.gz) Module = Math::BigInt::Pari (PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-Pari-1.17.tar.g +z) Module Math::BigInt::Parts (PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-Parts-0.02.tar. +gz) Module Math::BigInt::Random (BILLH/Math-BigInt-Random-0.04.tar.gz +) Module Math::BigInt::Random::OO (PJACKLAM/Math-BigInt-Random-OO-0.0 +3.tar.gz) Module < Math::BigInt::Trace (FLORA/bignum-0.29.tar.gz) Module Math::BigIntFast (N/A) 16 items found

And was able to get that close before doing a search which brought me back to the monestary. And by the way folks, my deep appreciation to all the wonderful folks in this brother and sister hood between these cloistered walls. I'm closing in on the six month point under my first ever contract to a perl code shop. Its been a tremendous learning experience. And I never would have had that opportunity if not for the support and guidance provided by this community when I reached out ready to learn perl.

-- Hugh Esco

if( $lal && $lol ) { $life++; }
if( $insurance->rationing() ) { $people->die(); }