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This isn't a comment about your code and might be considered a nitpick but I think it's important none-the-less. You include a copyright statement with your code "# copyright September 23, 2001 by Michael S. Joyce " which is certainly OK but you don't tell us what we can and can't do with the code. E.g. is it ok to use in my own code? I know that by posting it here it can be reasonably assumed that the code is freely available to do whatever I want with but that wouldn't hold up in court and as a result I wouldn't be allowed to use this snippet in production code. This raises the bigger question about who owns the code posted here. I would assume that all authors retain the copyright but perhaps the Monastery does? Some snippets and code submissions do include a disclaimer or copyright notice but most do not. Would it be prudent to add a feature that would include a default copyright statement with code (unless the author provided a different one?) (I would assume the default would be the same license as perl itself). Maybe it could even be a user option..."include link to this copyright statement with all my code"?
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by Molt (Chaplain) on Apr 12, 2002 at 13:43 UTC
    Would be nice to have this level of protection, but I think this could make short snippets of code a lot more unweildy if we're putting a full copyright in?
      After some discussion of this issue a while back my response was to simply include the following statement on my homenode.

      Unless otherwise noted, all code authored by myself ("RhetTbull") on is free software which you can redistribute and/or modify under the same terms as Perl itself.

      Yes, it's probably unnecessary but I figure better safe than sorry. See tilly's horror story to see why I'm paranoid.