#!/usr/bin/perl APPEAL: listen (please, please); open yourself, wide; join (you, me), connect (us, together), tell me. do something if distressed; @dawn, dance; @evening, sing; read (books, $poems, stories) until peacful; study if able; sort your feelings, reset goals, seek (friends, family, anyone); do*not*die (like this) if sin abounds; keys (hidden), open (locks, doors), tell secrets; do not, I-beg-you, close them, yet. accept (yourself, changes), bind (grief, despair); require truth, goodness if-you-will, each moment; select (always), length(of-days) #listen (a perl poem) #Sharon Hopkins #rev. June 19, 1995

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RE: By Sharon Hopkins (also in Programming Perl)
by jdube (Initiate) on Jan 01, 2000 at 23:05 UTC
    Hrm, it didn't quite post the way I wanted it to, sorry about the bad formatting. Says its maintained by me, but there's nowhere to change the content.
      Whoop, I guess it worked. Nebbermind.
Re: By Sharon Hopkins (also in Programming Perl)
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 24, 2011 at 18:29 UTC
    does this not work any more, or do I have something wrong with my perl install? lacrymology@Optimus:~$ ./listen syntax error at ./listen line 26, near "not," Execution of ./listen aborted due to compilation errors.
      It doesn't work for me on:
      This is perl, v5.8.9 built for x86_64-linux

      I get the same error as you do. Your perl install is probably fine. This poem may never have compiled. It does compile when I delete the comma after "not".