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The fact of the matter is, someone who wanted to monkey about with the site like that could do so.

It would be like going into a bar and farting and singing out of key Duran Duran numbers and never buying anyone a drink. After a while people would start ignoring you or occasionally being rude to you. Then you'd shape up or ship out.

That's what it's like here - that's why it's called an online *community*. And like every community it has its own norms, which often don't seem fair to those at the end of the distribution curve.

Mind you, those are the people who make it fun too. Come to think of it, this and your other thread were quite fun. So please keep in touch, Chicken - perhaps you are finding your metier.

Update (as we say around here) : on mature consideration I realise there's a simple answer to your q, which is that you *can't* change your original post in SOPW. And now I know why :)

George Sherston
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