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From a brief perusal of the Slash style guide I see that chunks of the P5EE guide are borrowed directly from it (e.g., sections on parentheses, braces, functions vs methods), so at least there's already some consensus among your sources. I seem to recall the P5EE guide having a whole section on object-orientation though, conspicuously absent in the notes available now. I have found that to be very helpful before; hopefully it will reappear at some point. But I have some suggestions for managing development in a large OO project:

Good luck, fever

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by Anonymous Monk on Nov 01, 2002 at 02:50 UTC
    Create a module for argument checking that all programmers can use when validating data coming into a method. This keeps a major source of redundant code in one place, and ensures that you know something about the safety of your code across the whole project. It also means that you can simply turn off argument checking if you want to for speed.

    I, the omnipresent Anonymous Monk, wholeheartedly second this advice. It saves a lot of work and results in far simpler, more flexible software. It took me far too long to start doing this myself. Good stuff.

      Even better, get one off CPAN, like Params::Validate (which I wrote) or Getargs::Long.