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If you came here from this node, the sun has already set. I am so sorry that you wasted your time because you can't see it any more. :(

You can however still catch noisy sunset if you hurry...

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Lymph Node
by nothingmuch (Priest) on Apr 26, 2003 at 11:29 UTC
    In case you missed it you might be interested in lymph nodes.

    Lymph nodes are cool.

    Note that this is just an emulation (you'll notice that node type is actually 'note', not 'lymph', but that's ok).

    Stuff you can do with lymph nodes:

    People think massaging them cleans your circulatory system (Update: better than usual, that is)

    You can pronounce their name repetitively

    go to and find out more.

    ciao now!

    zz zZ Z Z #!perl