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See what I mean little Rozallin? The hatred of emacs is strong with this one.

>You'd rather have tried out both vi and emacs than known every single movement of the stock market, winning lottery numbers, etc?

This question is every bit as "absurd" as the original question. Are you saying that instead of sitting in front of a computer learning emacs (or anything else for that matter) I could be predicting winning lottery numbers? Either you think too highly of yourself, or you think too highly of me...

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Re: Re^3: Advice to your younger self
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 24, 2003 at 02:05 UTC
    Either you think too highly of yourself...

    This has been proved correct on multiple occasions, but wasn't my point. My point was that based on the premise of the original question, you could at this current point in time look back at the winning lottery numbers, price changes, etc dating back to when you were 12, then tell your 12 year old self about them assuming they would invest accordingly and you would be filty rich now. Of course this gets into a terminator 2 style paradox and my brain overheats, so I'm going to stop now.