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good question. I never knew much about awk so I googled for a tutorial introduction and found these features as different:

  1. awk can take different actions on each line by use of a series of
    pattern { action } pattern { action }
    rules. C<desift> does not do different things on different lines based on the input text
  2. awk is a complete language offering flow of control, functions and more. An entire webserver has been written in awk. Here is a simple program which takes small text delimited database and tabulates the amount of each type of computer:
    { computers[$1]++ } END { for ( name in computers ) print "The number of ",name,"computers is",compu +ters[name] }
PApp::SQL and CGI::Application rock the house

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by BUU (Prior) on Nov 29, 2003 at 22:51 UTC
    Ah. I'm afraid I misspoke, I meant sed, not awk =/. Not using either language I tend to get confused as to which is which.

    As for sed, It appears to have various append commands, insert commands, and lots of other commands, including regexes. It automatically executes on all lines by default but you can specify specific lines.

      The more I read perlrun the more I am convinced that most of desift can be done with command-line flags, including what you mention: executing all lines by default: just the the -n or -p flags PApp::SQL and CGI::Application rock the house