Item Description: SNMP module for the UC Davis SNMPv3 library

Review Synopsis: Excellent module for talking as an SNMP client from perl

I used this module to write a testing suite for an SNMP-enabled application written by my company: it worked well and I was able to do what I wanted with a minimum of fuss.

One thing that impressed me was that I was able to construct the appropriate objects necessary to do an SNMP get on the command-line, or take the care necessary to do it right, in a script.

I do seem to remember having trouble with the names of sysDescr values which I had to work around, but that may well have been my own misunderstanding.

The module also lacked a copying constructor, this hurt when I wanted to make a copy of an SNMP::Varbind object: I had to resort to a simple (ie non-deep) copy and hope it worked.

IIRC, the module also comes packaged with the UC Davis SNMP code, which is pretty handy.

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by gam3 (Curate) on Nov 04, 2010 at 20:53 UTC
    I find the I use NetSNMP mainly on the server side NetSNMP::Agent is a very handy module to add functionality to the snmp server.
    -- gam3
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