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If your CVS folder is on the server, you can probably access it via IMAP. You just have to talk nice to your admins to get them to give you the IMAP address.
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by mpolo (Chaplain) on May 27, 2004 at 19:05 UTC

    If, on the other hand, you want to search the PST (personal folders) file on your hard disk, I know of no utility to do so. The PST contains a lot more than just email and is definitely different from an OLE mail file...

    If this is the case, you probably have to set up something to suck out the CVS files via IMAP or POP (possibly leaving them on the server so you can later get them into your Outlook personal folders). The problem comes if you generally have Outlook open, because it would likely snag those emails before your script got to look at them. (Personally, I keep Outlook closed and use a POP-polling applet to tell me if I have anything in there. In that case, the only problem is mail that arrives while you're reading mail.)

      There used to be a utility called LibPST (ol2mbox pr libpst) which reads PST files... you could always adapt the source code and submit a new module to CPAN :-)