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The monks bestow blessings upon you, garthish.

I know that Deitel makes a CBT for Perl. Just look at the bottom of this page While I have not used it, I have used their CBT for C#. Overall, I'm impressed. Not only is the accompanying text dense with good examples, the lessons on the CD illustrate important concepts without pretending to build full-blown apps.

I never used the CBT route for Perl. It was enough to simply curl up with a book for a few hours and begin simple scripts. My knowledge really ballooned when I decided to code a vexing problem in Perl; I just jumped in with both feet and picked up what I needed as went along.

If you know C, you're 85% there. All you need is regexs and the Perl idiom, which comes with time. Don't spend the money on a CBT.
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